Gorilla Lifespan/for how long do gorillas live?

Gorillas are the only great apes facing population increase and one may wonder for how long these gentle giants live. Here we give you the details on gorilla lifespan for both the male and female gorillas.

Before we learn about how long gorillas live, let’s first know what a gorilla lifespan refers to. Gorilla lifespan is the estimated time in which a gorilla lives from the time of its birth till death. Lifespan is an estimated lifetime and applicable for any living thing. Gorilla lifespan is one that ranges between a numbers of years, however, the lifespan of gorillas are dependent on the habitat of the gorilla and this is whether the gorilla is on its natural habitat or in captivity.

  • In their natural habitat the gorilla lifespan is estimated to be at 35-40 years.
  • In captivity or zoos, gorillas are estimated to live to 50 years. It is referred to as captivity because they are not in their natural habitat and in most cases taken to the zoos not at their will. In captivity, silverback gorillas can live to up to 52 years.

With this, we can tell that there is a disparity between the estimated time a gorilla can live in the wild and in captivity. Gorillas live longer in captivity than in the wild and this is because;

In captivity, they receive good care, get proper nutrition and protection from natural threats and diseases. In the wild they are highly susceptible to disease and other threats and this decreases their lifespan.

Note: Mountain gorillas which are a sub species of the Eastern Gorilla do not do well in captivity due to unclear reasons but most probably because of their complex diet. An adult male gorilla for instance can eat up to 30 kilograms of vegetation (stems, leaves, fruits, bamboo shoot, pith, roots, moth and grubs) whereas an adult female can consume up to 18 kilograms.  This is a huge amount of vegetation that is much more possible in the jungle.

Causes of gorilla death

The common cause of gorilla death is arthritis which damages the bones, feet and hands.  They also suffer from periodontitis which is gum inflammation which damages their teeth and reduces their lifespan consequently.

Uganda is becoming a must visit destination for mountain gorilla trekking and the question is always whether trekking gorillas in Uganda is safe. Yes, Uganda is safe for a gorilla safari.

Uganda has gorilla natural habitats where tourists can visit for Uganda gorilla safaris. To ensure tourist security, each group of 8 tourists is accompanied by 2 armed park rangers to ensure the safety of those trekking. The rangers carry along firearms just to ensure safety incase wild animals behave in a non safe way to the tourists.  When there is need the rangers shoot in space to scare away animals.

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