How difficult is Gorilla Trekking?

Does gorilla trekking require hiking abilities?

Mountain gorilla tracking holidays really get travelers walking through the dense forests of Bwindi or Virunga massif. Since it requires hiking, does gorilla trekking require an individual to have a hiking ability and how difficult is gorilla trekking?

Though the gorilla habitats raise to an altitude that ranges between 1,160 m to 2,607 m above sea level, gorilla trekking isn’t really as difficult as it is depicted. Gorilla trekking isn’t very hard as there are trails that are set through the forests to help the trekkers.

Each group that goes trekking is allocated a gorilla group that they can trek in accordance to their physical ability. The group is guided by skilled trackers who help you go through the forest.

With the altitude of the gorilla habitat, Yes, an individual should be able to hike through the forest no matter the pace because the group moves according to the pace of the slowest trekker.

Gorilla trekking for the disabled

Being disabled or having problems with mobility does not mean that you cannot go gorilla trekking especially in Uganda and Rwanda. You can hire porters and a sedan chair that can be used to carry you till where the gorillas can be found. When you reach the gorillas, you are put down to take pictures and then returned to the trek start point.

Things to consider while choosing a gorilla safari

Choosing a Rwanda or Uganda gorilla safari isn’t any difficult due to the many customized safari itineraries on the internet. However, it could be daunting to choose a perfect safari and Acacia Safaris prides in creating personalized safari itineraries for each client depending on their interests upon request. Our several packages on the website are all amazing and a traveler can choose from them or use them as a guide to get together the kind of safari package they want. Here is what to consider;

Changes in the cost of a Uganda gorilla permit

Anyone planning to trek gorillas from 1st July 2020 onwards, should be ready to pay US$ 700 per permit for foreign nonresidents. Foreign residents will be required to pay US$ 600 per permit. East African citizens will continue to pay Ugandan Shillings 250,000 per permit. A gorilla trekking permit is a document issued by the responsible Authorities in Uganda specifically by the Uganda Wildlife Authority as a permit to spend one hour with the mountain gorillas.

A gorilla permit is the only way to have Uganda gorilla safaris and it is given to individuals of age 15 years and above. This change in the gorilla permit price should be considered before you start planning your trip. Before the 1st of July 2020, permits will still be costing US$ 600 for foreign nonresidents and US$ 500 for foreign residents.

The Rwanda gorilla permit is still at USD 1500.

Best time to go gorilla trekking

It is best advisable to go for gorilla trekking safaris in the dry season since it’s easy to trek gorillas as well as view wildlife.

However, the dry season is actually the peak or high season therefore early booking is recommendable since permits can easily get fully booked as well as accommodation.

Pack the right clothing

Pack and wear the right safari clothing. Wear neutral safari clothing with khaki clothing’s that will not attract tsetse flies. Since khaki clothing’s get dirty easily, you can wear blue jeans and khaki shirts. Avoid wearing blue shirts while on game drives to avoid attracting tsetse flies.

Avoid wearing army like clothes since it may be referred to as camouflage.

The most important rule with what to wear is to keep comfortable and wear appropriately. While visiting communities wear clothes that the community refers to as descent and wear body-covering clothes while doing activities like gorilla trekking.

If you are worried that you cannot hike, do not worry just contact us to help you book early and prepare all necessary requirements to ensure you see mountain gorillas.

how difficult is gorilla trekking

Rwanda Gorilla trekking rules and regulations


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