How strong is a Mountain Gorilla?

How strong is a Mountain Gorilla?

With the giant size of mountain gorillas it is popular for people to ask, how strong is a mountain gorilla? Mountain gorillas are much stronger than humans, they have one of the best strength to weight ratios of any living mammal. Gorilla strength cannot be fully measured as they rarely demonstrate their strength, being gentle animals. With large strong and impressive canines, silverback gorillas have a bite recorded to be about 1,300 pounds per square inch and this is much stronger than that of a lion which is at 650 pounds per square inch.

Gorilla Tracking Uganda

Gorillas are much stronger than humans but luckily shy not attack humans and that’s why gorilla tracking safaris are possible and very safe. Gorillas have been recorded lifting as much as 1800 IB (815kg) of dead weight according to the genius world book of records whereas a well-trained human can lift a maximum of only 410 kilograms. It is possible that they can create a greater force than this.

Amazingly gorillas are very bashful creatures that usually don’t start fights. However, if threatened, mountain gorillas can attack as a form of defense and can be very dangerous if they attack.

What makes gorillas so strong?

There are basically two factors that make gorillas so strong and these are their physiology as well as their diet.

Gorillas have a longer digestive tract than humans therefore they can extract more nutrients from plants. The high amount of nutrients extracted helps to keep them strong. One of the extracts they get is carbon. Carbon is the basic building block for life and with the high consumption by gorillas, this makes them very strong. Gorilla arms are longer than their legs and the hands support most of the body weight and very strong since they are used to moving.

Gorilla diet is majorly plant life (omnivores). These mainly include stems, leaves, bamboo shoot, pith, roots, moth, fruits and grubs. Of their diet, fruits make 25%. Aside from vegetation, at times mountain gorillas supplement their diet with termites that they get by breaking termite nests to eat larva, ants and insects. They need up to 40 kilograms of food per day and this calls for the constant gathering of food all through the day. This is why during Uganda gorilla safaris or gorilla tours in Rwanda tourists trek or walk to search for the gorillas, because they are always on the move in search for food. With a very high organic and highly nutritious intake of low fat, this gives the gorillas more energy retained since the body does not require much energy to break down fats.

It’s true that mountain gorillas are strong however, they are very friendly and can be trekked safely. Plan a lifetime gorilla tour to one of the African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo for trekking. Book with us any gorilla trekking safari to Uganda, Rwanda or Congo.

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