How do Mountain Gorillas Form Families?

How do Mountain Gorillas Form Families?

How do Mountain Gorillas Form Families?

Mountain Gorillas live in families or groups of several individuals always led by a single silverback gorilla. However, how do mountain gorillas form families or groups?

Mountain Gorillas are great apes living in the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In these countries, they live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park, and Virunga National Park respectively.

The biggest gorilla family was found in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and was consisting of 65 members. Here is how the different families are formed and live together;

Each Mountain gorilla family is led by an adult male silverback gorilla, known as the silverback because of the silver hair that grows on their backs as they grow older.

It is believed that 40% of the several adult males are closely related. The other members of the group include several adult females and their young ones.

Mostly the family troop contains many males than the females and that is why the males fight for power.

When a male gorilla grows up, they will always fight for power and in case they win the fight, they will lead the group. The stronger male usually has power over the others and leads the group.

The lead silverback gorilla usually has the duty to protect the whole family from any attacks and ensure their safety. The females usually love to be a part of gorilla families that have strong silverback gorillas.

A mountain gorilla family carries out its day to day life roaming in the forest to find food, playing and grooming their young ones. Mountain gorillas are very social and both the males and females participate in grooming the young ones.

The lead silverback ensures the group is together and safe from attacks. When the silverback gorilla dies, the group finds a new leader from the group either the eldest son of the deceased or any other strong member of the group.

For the females, they especially leave the group to join another family before reproducing especially at the age of 8-10 years.

The females move to a group where there is a silverback they are attracted to copulating with, if they are attracted to each other the female will leave in the new group and reproduce there.

For male gorillas that are separated from his parenthood due to lack of breeding opportunities, he will remain solitary until he forms his own family.

The size of each gorilla family, therefore, depends on the strength of the silverback gorillas that head the group, the stronger the silverback the more attracted females will be to a specific group and the weaker the lead silverback the more the group will lose its members.

For all of the four gorilla safari parks visited on Uganda gorilla safaris, gorilla tours Rwanda, or gorilla trekking in Congo mountain gorillas live in families.

These families are habituated and safe for gorilla trekking making it an ultimate primate tracking tour activity. For more wildlife interactions, wildlife trips especially for Kenya safaris or Tanzania safaris are recommended.

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