Best Time to Visit Rwanda for Gorilla Trekking

Mostly when travelers search for the best time to visit Rwanda, it is for gorilla trekking. It is referred to as a year round activity but the best time to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda is during the short and long dry seasons.

Best Time to go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda – Best Time to see Rwanda Gorillas

The short dry season is from the time of mid-December to early February. The long dry season is from June to September. Both the short and long dry seasons are best times for gorilla trekking.

June – September: The period between June to September is the longest dry season in Rwanda and best time to trek gorillas.  During this time hiking is easier as the trails are not so muddy and slippery. There are also few chances of rain pouring during this season of the year but since it is a tropical jungle anything can happen and it can rain. This time is when most tourists come to trek gorillas in Rwanda and permits are on high demand.

December – February: This is the short dry season and also the best time to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking. This is the best time for travelers who want to see the mountain gorillas and as well go birding. During this time migratory birds are present in Rwanda.

During the dry season it offers the easiest hiking or walking conditions in the forest. The malaria risk is also low during this time.

Rwanda is one fast developing country is Africa boasting several breathtaking hills which it earned the name, land of a thousand hills. Some refer to it as the Switzerland of Africa.

Trekking Gorillas in the rainy season

In the rainy season, you can definitely trek gorillas in Rwanda but bearing in mind that this is when the trekking trails are muddy and steep. Hiking or walking in the park becomes much difficult as it is in the dry season.

Note that Volcanoes National Park is open all year round for gorilla trekking and therefore you can trek gorillas in the rainy season. You just have to be much fit to walk and pack a rain jacket to cover yourself. The gorillas will be waiting to share their habitat with you.

Note: Unlike gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park is best done during the rainy season. This is during the two rainy season’s one from mid-February to early June and the other from mid-September to mid-December. They are easier to trek in the rainy season since they move for short range, this is because food is easier to find. In the dry season, food is scarce and therefore the chimpanzees walk for longer distances which makes tracking tiresome.

Been wondering when to go to Rwanda for gorilla trekking, the best time is from mid-December to early February. The long dry season is from June to September. Customize a gorilla safari to Rwanda and see the gentle giants. You can also include other activities like chimpanzee trekking, birding, canopy walk, golden monkey trekking and wildlife game drives in your Rwanda safari trip.

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