About Silverback Mountain Gorillas

About Silverback Mountain Gorillas

About Silverback Mountain Gorillas

Silverback Mountain Gorillas are the adult male gorillas that have a silver “saddle” hair on their backs. They are usually older in the group and this silver hair lining on their backs comes with older age.

They usually head the gorilla family and ensure the safety of the whole group. The strength of the silverback gorilla in the family in most cases determines the size of the gorilla group, the stronger the lead silverback gorilla, the bigger the group and vice versa.

Mountain Gorillas live in groups or families with several individuals always led by a silverback gorilla who scares away enemies by standing erect on its hind legs, beating their chest, and stamping their feet, striking the ground with its palms and galloping in a mock attack.

Mountain Gorillas have a stocky build with a broad chest, long muscular arms, and wide feet and hands. Mountain Gorilla arms are longer than their legs and they move by what is known as knuckle-walking.

Silverback gorillas are around six feet tall, weigh about 350 pounds. They are herbivores (eat only plants) and spend most of their day foraging for food and eating bamboo and leafy plants.


Do Mountain Gorillas Climb trees?

Mountain Gorillas primarily live on the ground and spend 5-20% of the day in trees. However, gorillas do like to climb trees in order to play or to harvest fruit.

Almost always, gorillas climb quadrupedally and only very rarely do they brachiate or jump from branch to branch. The young gorillas spend more time in trees than adults and like to play there.

Silverback Mountain gorillas do not often move above the ground because of their heavyweight. However, they can climb onto fruiting trees if the branches can carry their weight.

How strong is Silverback Mountain Gorillas?

With the giant size of mountain gorillas, it is popular for people to ask, how strong is a mountain gorilla? Mountain gorillas are much stronger than humans, they have one of the best strength to weight ratios of any living mammal.

Gorilla strength cannot be fully measured as they rarely demonstrate their strength, being gentle animals. With large strong and impressive canines, silverback gorillas have a bite recorded to be about 1,300 pounds per square inch and this is much stronger than that of a lion which is at 650 pounds per square inch.

Gorillas are much stronger than humans but luckily shy not attack humans and that’s why gorilla tracking safaris are possible and very safe.

Silverback Mountain Gorillas have been recorded lifting as much as 1800 IB (815kg) of dead weight according to the genius world book of records whereas a well-trained human can lift a maximum of only 410 kilograms. It is possible that they can create a greater force than this.

Amazingly gorillas are very bashful creatures that usually don’t start fights. However, if threatened, mountain gorillas can attack as a form of defense and can be very dangerous if they attack.

Only Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo are home to the world’s mountain gorillas and to see them, people have to visit their natural habitat. This can be done by trekking during Uganda gorilla safaris, gorilla trekking in Congo, and on Rwanda gorilla tours.

These tours are exceptional and should always be considered when planning a trip to Africa. For any other primate tracking like a chimpanzee and golden monkey trekking, Uganda and Rwanda are great destinations. Contact us and also book Kenya safaris or Tanzania safaris for great wildlife viewing experiences.

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